According to the auditors’ suggestion a Certificate can be issued as a result of the audit unconditionally within 60 days following the site audit. The Konformitás Ltd. sends the Certificate which is effective for 3 years to the Client.

Should the issue of the Certificate be subject to corrective actions and verification of measurements requested by the auditors, then the Organisation has to confirm the implementation of the corrective actions and the verifying notes in the Certifying Non-Conformity Report within 30 days following the site audit. The Certificate is issued within 60 days following the site audit.

The original Certificate is issued in 1 Hungarian and in 1 English copy and the Client also receives an extra 3 duplicate copies of both Hungarian and English free of charge. In other languages the Client can receive Certificates and copies for a fee (see quotation).

On request the certificated Organisation may get the right to use the „Konformitás” logo which is indicated on the Certification Request Form and also declares that, the logo usage policy of the certifying company has been learned and accepted. The user can apply the logo for commercial purposes, in its business correspondings, brochures and organisational name cards. The logo cannot be applied on products or indicate that as if the certification would relate to the product. The certifying logo cannot be used on laboratory test, calibration or monitoring minutes either, because these are also regarded as products.

The Organisation has the right to use the logo for the duration of the certificate as long as the Certification has not been suspended or withdrawn. Further use of the „KONFORMITÁS” logo is deceptive and means an unauthorised behaviour against which the contractual rights are validated by law. The lists of withdrawn and suspended certificates are published up-to-date. The Organisation is liable to return the withdrawn certificates, also to inform the certifying company about the changes by sending in the Change Request Form. The Konformitás Ltd makes its decision according to these documents about the modification of the certificate or conducting an unplanned audit.